U P C O M I N G | S H O W S

9th of March:
Roodkapje Rotterdam

the Sweet Release of Death
AC Berkheimer
Climax Girls ft. Suu Surebru

23rd of February: Café de Speeltuin, Breda / Friday on the Rocks (with Beroerte)

P A S T | S H O W S | 2 0 1 8

17th of January: Pakhuis, Groningen / Girls Go BOOM: Riot Bar

P A S T | S H O W S | 2 0 1 7

2nd of December: Cinetol, Amsterdam / with longsy
26th of October: Roodkapje, Rotterdam / with PINS
8th of October: Sandershaus, Kassel (D) / with Slow Worries
7th of October: Bei Ruth, Berlin (D) / with Slow Worries
6th of October: Venster 99, Vienna (AU) / with Slow Worries
5th of October: Desi, Nuremberg (D) / with Slow Worries
9th of September: Katzwijm Studio, Voorhout / Het Vierde Grote Katzwijmbierfestival
24th of August: Stroomhuis, Eindhoven / New Orleans Punx Fest
22nd of july: PIP, Den Haag / SuBmarinefestival
20th of july: Café Stalles, Rotterdam / Eendrachtfestival
22nd of june: RoTown, Rotterdam / Eendrachtfestival Pre-Party
21st of june: OCCII, Amsterdam / with Shit Girlfriend (UK) + Foes
3rd of june: Café de Walrus, Groningen / with the Staches (CH) + Blackbox Red
2nd of june: OCCII, Amsterdam / with Žen [HR] + Cellular Chaos [US]
20th of may: MIR, Rotterdam / with Slow Worries + ZiNK
13th of April: Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam / with OOO
30th of March: Mono, Rotterdam / with Lilith + Slow Worries
10th of February: Kinky Star, Gent (BE) / with Sale Gosse (BE)